The Emerson family made their home in Lexington in the early 1900’s. Raymond Emerson owned R. Emerson Furniture. His son, Wilber Emerson graduated from Lexington High School in 1927, graduated from college with a degree in Mortuary Science and came back to Lexington to practice as a mortician until he was enlisted in the army in 1942.

Wilbur, in his will, has directed funds to establish the EMERSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND in memory of both he and his father. The Raymond and Wilbur Emerson scholarship is available to graduates of Lexington High School who are enrolled at any university or college as a collegiate junior, senior or a graduate student. The Lexington Community Foundation will award a $1,000 scholarship each year to a qualified applicant.

Consideration for the scholarship may be given only to a Lexington High School graduate who has completed at least two years of college, has an accumulative collegiate GPA of 2.5 or higher, and has participated in fine arts activities, extra-curricular or community activities. The recipient must also demonstrate financial need.