Multiple scholarships will be awarded annually. Due to Mr. Norall’s interest in the health profession with his brother and his own limitations caused by the infantile paralysis, an emphasis will be placed on medical courses of study.
Eligibility for application is limited to past graduates of high schools in Dawson County who are enrolling or are enrolled in a U. S. College. Each applicant will be evaluated as to goal commitment, academic success, recommendations, financial need, and the priorities as follows:
Program of Study

  1. Medical Field
  2. All Other

Precedence will be given to those students who plan to return to Dawson County upon the completion of their education.

This scholarship is available for students of graduate or undergraduate level. The undergraduate may be enrolled in either the standard 4-year academic college, Junior/Community College, or enrolled in a certified Vocational-Technical Program.
The number and amount of each scholarship will vary due to the annual earnings of the trust, as well as, due to the nature of the annual applicants as to educational program levels, financial needs, and academic levels.

Past Award Ranges have been:
Graduate Student: $500 to $2,500 per year
Undergraduate Student: $300 to $1,500 per year

Scholarship funds may be used for Tuition/Fees/Books/Housing & Meals.

All scholarships will be paid to the college of enrollment, with 1/2 paid for the fall semester and 1/2 for the spring semester. Previous Norall Scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply each year. Determination of recipients and the scholarship amount will be made annually by April 15.