The Lexington Community Foundation administers this scholarship established in 2020 by friends and family to memorialize the spirit that represents Coach John Soflin. Coach Soflin believed that sports were a way to teach young student-athletes bout life. He believed that sports taught am life lessons – like teamwork, adversity, competition, leadership, and commitment. Scholarship recipients must possess the qualities that made Coach Soflin special – qualities he believed in kindness, caring, sportsmanship, generosity, persistence, servitude, and a positive attitude in all of life that allows the individual to succeed in challenging circumstances.

This scholarship is valued at up to $6,000 and will be pay $1,500 per year for up to four years based on the recipient maintaining a GPA requirement of 3.0 and continuing a focus on a teaching or sports-related degree.


Consideration for the scholarship will be given to any student who will be graduating from Lexington High School with an accumulative GPA of 3.0 who was a participating member of the LHS Boys Basketball Team for three years (this includes player or manager). The applicant must also have participated in a mentoring role for youth basketball in Lexington (this includes helping with youth basketball camps/programs or coaching youth basketball teams.

Preference will be given to students that will enroll in college courses related to education, coaching, athletic training, sports medicine, or sport-related field.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please attach a statement focusing on how basketball has influenced your life and how these experiences will impact your future.
  2. Please describe your involvement with youth basketball programs in Lexington.